Why I Love Lombok

Not the pictured Lombok. I’m talking about Project Lombok. Explanation What it does Lombok is a Java library of annotations and processors that creates methods like getters, setters, and constructors for you.

Literate Functional Development

⚠️ This article assumes you have basic knowledge of functional development in Java. You can write functional code that reads so clearly that non-technical people can understand it. I’m going to show you how using functional principles, Java’s syntactic sugar, and higher order functions, you can translate working code into readable code.

Palm Springs

⚠️ Spoilers Ahead Don’t read this if you want to watch the movie and be surprised. Anyway, this would be a better read if you’ve seen the movie. I watched Palm Springs last night.


I recently learned a new word - goodish.


I am interested in a variety of unrelated topics - software, technology, business strategy, racial justice, and politics. My plan is to write about whatever interests me at the moment. If, somehow, you are interested in all of these topics, then this will probably work out for you.