I grew up in Worthington.  I graduated from TWHS in 1992 and Ohio State in 1997. I moved to Worthington Estates to start a family. Now, we have two awesome kids growing up in this community. Worthington is part of me - and that is why I'm running for City Council.

Smart Growth

We don't have to choose between our quality of life and a strong economy. I support smart zoning, modern traffic planning, and other initiatives that can preserve greenspace while keeping Worthington business-friendly.

Help Local Businesses

Small businesses help give Worthington its special character and grow our tax base—so let’s create incentives that support local business in our community and make it easier to foster enterprise in Worthington.

Worthington families

I want to keep Worthington a great place for families of all ages. I’ll fully support our parks and community centers and create new collaborations with our schools.