My wife Rachel and I live in Worthington Estates with our 2 children, Molly and Lucas. I have been a part of our community for more than 35 years. I am running for City Council to bring my skills and values to Worthington to make sure the community that I love continues to be strong for our children and for families of all backgrounds.

Worthington Memorial Day Parade 2019
Molly and Lucas at the Worthington Farmers Market

After graduating Thomas Worthington High School, I completed my degree in Computer Science and my MBA at The Ohio State University. Once I began my career, my wife and I returned home to Worthington to start our family. These are my roots - four generations of my family live in this area. It is important to me to make sure Worthington continues to be a great place for the young and the old.

As a software engineer with experience in large and small business, I spend my time analyzing complex problems and figuring out how to fix them – then communicating this is a way that everyone can understand. Worthington faces many challenges managing growth in a responsible way. My skills will make sure we make good decisions that maintain our character.

Talking with supporters
Protest against Family Separation

Rachel and I believe in living our values. I serve on the Board of the First Unitarian Universalist Church and I am a Past Board Chair. I have been engaged in our church since I was two and have been teaching Sunday school since I was sixteen. I know the importance of connecting and listening to the community. My leadership roles have taught me to set a policy, then provide guidance and accountability in order to fulfill a vision for the future. I will bring this to Worthington City Council.